New, in need of Lavender Bantam Cochin Pullet

Apr 16, 2020
I am in need of a special Lavender/Blue Cochin Bantam pullet, but i can't figure out where you can purchase these other than as baby chicks. I have utilized local craigslist and local backyard chicken groups and advertised my need with them but to no avail. I would be willing to have them shipped if needs be, but i really need to replace a very special pullet that fell prey to an owl. She was my daughters very favorite and it will break her heart. Normally I would not even consider misleading my daughter however she has had a lot of hard hits emotionally in the n past few weeks and she literally told me yesterday that she would not be okay if anything ever happened to her "Goose". Goose was our Lavender's name. Anyhow, i am hoping to replace her and get a couple weeks worth of distance from my daughter's other emotional hardships before sitting her down and telling her what happened. Some might not agree with my judgment, and that's fine, I am not asking to debate my moral compass, just need to know where I can find pullets instead of chicks. Thanks so much for your help!

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