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    just to check in with other neweggs, I'm stuck in the " town limits" and had a long time desire to have a couple of chickens. sort of on my bucket list you might say. So we built a nice coop and run, just right for 2 hens, and found out we can't have them. Seems you can do about anything in the city, but to have two beautiful birds, that will lay an egg, is against " the law", we are on the lamb with our girls and thinking of bringing them inside to a large empty basement. Plenty of light, room and it's heated and cooled with good ventilation. How many of you think us old folks have lost our minds? we want to keep our birds and what else can we do....thoughts would be appreciated
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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)
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    Lots of folks compensate by having house chickens. My friend has had them before it was "cool." She has had house pet chickens for over 25 years, different breeds but, her favorite is silkies. Currently she has 2 silkies and 2 seramas IN THE HOUSE. she cleans up immediately when there is a mess, and NO, her house doesn't smell. Her elderly pek-a-poo tolerates them and they boss him around. But when they are frightened them run to him for protection.

    Please check out "people with house chickens." There is also a thread "show us your house ducks." Most folks do not believe silkies are chickens, so that is one ace in the hole. Seramas are the size of same parrots. Get a frizzle and no one will figure out what they are.
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    Good luck!

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