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8 Years
Aug 24, 2011
I'm a 19 year old college student who just began keeping chickens... About a week ago! I've always been into agriculture and finally had the chance to get chickens when a close friend decided she wanted to get rid of all of hers. A week and a half later, I received 14 chickens from her, and have honestly been loving it. I don't regret my hasty decision at all.
She wasn't exactly sure what breeds they all were, but said some buff orpingtons, rhode island reds, and barred rocks, along with a few black ones that I am unsure of, and they are anywhere between 2 and 5 years old.
I heard about BYC during all the research I was doing the week or two in advance to getting the chickens, and I have finally decided to join in case I come up with questions that I cannot find the answers to. So far it has been extremely helpful, as it helped me to make a chicken coop out of an old 8x8 ft shed and how to make the chicken run.

As for hobbies and other life, I am going to college for an art degree, love playing video games, writing, and drawing/painting (of course
. I was a proud member of FFA and I play the piano very well, can play an Ocarina decently, and well... I own a guitar, does that count? haha. We have a rescued Pitbull, Trooper, and I own one heck of an interesting house cat (and the only cat we've ever kept in the house permanently), Oscar. Finally got my mom talked into chickens, and I am now working on getting any other agricultural animals I can (Sheep. Mules. Horses. Goats. haha )

It feels nice to actually be a member of BYC now, woo!

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