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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by MomMommyMamma, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. MomMommyMamma

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    Jun 13, 2010
    West Virginia
    Hi! We (the whole family!) are ready to begin keeping chickens but I have to admit that I'm feeling a little frustrated/down today. It seems that to get started it's rather expensive. I'd love to find some local chicken keepers! Perhaps even to share a few chicks. Right now MyPetChicken has a special on day old chicks which makes getting 25 hens cheaper than getting just 7 (our original plan). I'd love to share an order of 25 with someone! I've posted on our homeschool forums and there seems to be no interest.
    I also have a few questions. Like, do you eat your hens when they've stopped laying? Or if we do order the 25 chicks and find no one to share them with, at what age are the chickens good for eating? Someone told me yesterday that "yard chickens" are not worth the trouble of dressing for eating. She said they're tough and no good for eating. True?
    I think those are the main things on my mind about our new endeavor. We're really excited overall - just a little bit nervous. [​IMG] Oh, a little about me - I'm the homeschooling mom of five beautiful children and an online shop owner. I like sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc. This year I'm also having fun with a small garden. I'm from the northwest and still getting used to humid West Virginia!
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    Apr 24, 2009
    [​IMG] This is a very helpful and friendly forum and just post your questions in the appropriate forum and they will get answered. [​IMG] Good luck with your chickens!!!!
  3. chicken head34

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    May 29, 2010
    [​IMG] you'll have alot of fun here! [​IMG] good luck with your chickens!!! [​IMG]
  4. MomMommyMamma

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    Jun 13, 2010
    West Virginia
    Thank you! I've already met up with a chicken keeper who lives right by our house! Who knew?! Got all of our brooder supplies today and getting our first chicks tomorrow. [​IMG]
  5. b.hromada

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    [​IMG] and [​IMG] from S. Florida! Glad you joined us! [​IMG]
  6. Spookwriter

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    Feb 23, 2010
    Glad to see you join us. Always room here.

    I'm an hour drive or so from you, down in the Gallipolis area.

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