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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by FossilPeak, Jan 8, 2014.

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    Jan 8, 2014
    Tuscola, TX
    Greetings all...I've been watching the forum, absorbing valuable information and opinions, for a month or so now and finally decided to join. I live in west central Texas and am probably a fool. In the "go big or go home" spirit I have careened headlong into the poultry world. Having raised chickens as a child I've always enjoyed them. Recently a wild hair struck me and I decided to raise a few quail to release around the house. Predation is a huge factor where we live, but I thought if I could keep them gentle I could feed them in the pens much like one would chickens, leaving only the daylight hours for them to fend for themselves. Well I started shopping around for a small incubator and studied various flight pen designs...and then the phone rang. A buddy said, "hey check out craigslist right now..." well I did...and three weeks later I've purchased two 12'x50' flight pens, two 1300 egg incubators, a hatcher, brooders, 300 breeder quail and all the accompanying paraphernalia. My 13 year old son expressed interest in the sale of game birds....he asked if he could use his Christmas money to buy into the operation...well he did and he's now a 20% owner and chief egg gatherer and candler. An empire is born...we shall be rich with money or rich with quail! (My guess is the latter). We've got our breeders eating feed as fast as we can shovel it in and ordered 200 Georgia Giant eggs to get things going. We're 7 days into incubation and this morning's candling showed about 14% infertility...time of year I suppose. Glad to be a part of the forum! Thanks for having me...GAME ON!

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    Wow, jump right in no kidding! Welcome:D
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    Should check out the "hatch-a-Long forum as well. The next big one will be the Easter Hatch-a-Long. But it will be a month or so before that thread is started.

    However, there are several of us incubating and hatching over in Jan./Feb. 2014 hatch a long.

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