New lavender Muscovy and ??????


The Crazy Chicken Lady
Apr 22, 2008
upstate SC
I was very fortunate to finally get those beautiful lavender Muscovy from HappyMtn! Thank you, Amy!
Now that they are here and I am thinking of all the gorgeous ducklings that may hatch out I have questions. I am not up on blue or lavender genetics in poultry. And especially not in Muscovy. Anywhere someone could point me would be greatly appreciated with Muscovy color genetics. Or maybe they can just be answered here.

Breeding this pair together will give me what possible colors?
I have a black Muscovy hen that decided she was in love with this new lavender drake and she flew into their pen and went to bed with them last night in their coop. I was going to try her in breeding with him eventually thinking that the offspring would be black split to lavender. Correct?

I am in love! And they are so sweet and easy to deal with.

They are beautiful. I saw they needed a new home, so glad you were able to get them, I know nothing about genetics though, just wanted to say Congrats!!
I;m useless on the genetics but had to peek at your new birds anyways lol They are lovely! what an adorable "couple"
Thanks everyone! You would not believe how long I have been trying to get some of these beauties and this pair alone I think I have been trying to get for many months. Amy finally found them a ride close to my home and she drove them most of the way to meet up and pick up some geese so I was able to pick them up after an hour and a half drive at someone else's home. So well worth it! These are some well feathered, nice weight birds! I am super pleased with them!

Now to figure out how I should breed them. I am not sure if they are considered lilac, self blue or lavender in the genetic world. I already have a chocolate drake and chocolate and black hens. I would like to know all my options.

But, yes! I think they are wonderful and glad you all do, too!

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