New laying hen questions


6 Years
Mar 5, 2013
Just got our new flock this week-end at local chicken auction. They are suppose to be one-year-old hens but I think some look older. We have 13 total they were all from the same flock except one. Couple questions...first, they all lay in this hard-to-get-to corner...

when they have 12 beautiful nesting boxes with new straw and these expensive laying pads, but they go to this yucky corner? Also, with 13 hens, how many eggs should we expect to get each day? So far we have only got about 6 per day. Little disappointed, thought we would get about a dozen. Not pictured here are 4 beautiful "Buff Orphingtons" and one "Black Alstrolorp", the rest not sure the breed. Maybe mix?

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