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    Sep 27, 2012
    I grew up with cats and birds in New York apartment living. When my son was barely crawling I saw a lab mix in a box outside a grocery store and became a dog mom with two cats, then another dog. All dogs now gone, one 14 year old cat, and a 18 year old son off to college. We are empty nesters that moved to a new beautiful home on a river in Colorado complete with a chicken coop. I had no chickens till a neighbor donated four of his, and then gave me four babies. My girls give me love, follow me, talk to me, poop everywhere and most of all eased the empty feeling when my son left. They waddle and seem carefree but when I saw the shadow of an eagle in the sky, my girls ran for cover so quick, I reallized how in tune they really are!! I am a happy henma....and enjoying this site.
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    Chickens are amazing pets and they give us so much love! I've had all my chickens from day one and raised many of them myself, so I think of them as my feathered children.
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    [​IMG] Welcome to BYC!

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