new lop buck what color and breed?


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i got this cutie today from a friend he was going to take him to a meat auction in a few days but i bought him before he could go. i raise elops but still fairy new to them and never seen a french lop in person. so here is my questions do u think he is a english, a french or a mix and if mix of what? he told me he was gray but i think he is opal. how old do u think he looks?

my friend is a meat breeder and got him at auction from a breeder a few weeks ago and used him to stud his flemish does but they haven't had babies yet(he doesn't even know for sure they r pregnant yet or not). so he doesn't know anything about him to be honest. hubby and i differ with our oppinions on him so was curious what others thought.

sorry cell pics r not the best he didn't want to hold still.



The skull ...head style ... definately eliminates French, Mini, & Holland lops. I see an immature English Lop ... although the ears are way ... way ... too short! But the skull is ELop all the way ... Oh ... kiddo just brought up a good one ... do you have anybody in the area that is working on the Velveteen (sp?) Lop? Could be one that didn't get the proper coat ... kuddos to the youth behind me!!
I agree that his color is Opal. His breeding is a little less obvious.

My overall first impression says, "English." But those aren't much in the way of ears, certainly not for an English. His topline isn't quite right, either. French Lops have big, blocky, broad heads with full muzzles; I don't think he could be even part French and have such a narrow face. MY guess is that he is part English, with the other part being commercial in type, maybe NZ (but that wouldn't account for the color that he is) maybe Rex or Satin, I dunno.
we thought english also and had same thought on the ears. i think he is a young buck maybe 4-5mths old hubby says more like 7-9mth old enough to breed. we also were curious if pure or a mix. hubby thinks pure, i did at first 2 but unless he is younger like i thought then i'd have to say a mix also i noticed a few things not right on also. he is in the middle between size wise between my velvets and elops more closer to size of the elops.

i'm one of only 2 velveteen breeders i know of right close to me within an hour away, don't know anyone else working on them. if he is a velvet to show the fur he needs the rex gene from 2 parents to show it. if he only had one gene for it would explain why he has regular fur. the breeder he came from is suppost to take bunnies in to one of our local tsc tomarrow for a delivery from what my friend said. i have company comeing in the morning but after they leave would like to go down see what she drops off there and see if they will tell me who the breeder is(most times they do). maybe i can track her down to find out more info on him. my friend said if he saw her again at auction wed he would give her my number so i could contact her about maybe getting more but weather he will or not i don't know.
My guess ould be an english/velveteen cross. I have 2 that look very similar.

I have french lops, he looks nothing like them. Is his fur exceptionally soft? silky, soft, not rex soft?

My velveteen/e lop crosses have extremely soft silky fur.
I took some photos.




My girls. broken blue is Cricket, solid blue is Houdini

ETA, and definately not pure, Here is a pic of my elop buck, even at 8 weeks you can see how much longer his ears are( and he is pet quality partly because his ears are a touch too short). Their ears tend to grow longer with them but proportionately. even a young elop buck will have very long ears. Regardless of your bucks age he is not pure.
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My velveteen/elop/ crosses are right in the middle between the two breeds, slightly closer to the elop.
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