New meaties questions...


9 Years
Jun 19, 2010
San Diego, CA
I ordered 8 cornish today.. they should be here in two weeks.... so I have some questions...

1. Do I feed them "starter" or "broiler" or "gamebird"... I have heard of each being used.

2. Do I take away their feed at night?

3. Starting at what age?

4. Will they be ok with 4 same age bantams, or should I separate them?

5. Do they need the heat lamp the same amount of time as regular chickens?

1. I've used gamebird and it worked very well. It's a 28%protein level. Starter can be used but expect slower growth.
2. I didn't and didn't have problems.
4.Separate. The broilers will be twice the size of the bantams in about 2 days.
5. No. 2 weeks should be enough. However they do need a regular light at least 14 hours a day if you want fast growth.
I never feed my meaties medicated feed. I feel there is no need as these birds are only going to be around for 6-10 weeks. I know I've had some that have gotten cocci, but have never had one die from it. Besides that, one of the reasons I raise my own is so I can avoid eating meat that has been treated w/ meds.
I do feed the medicated feed to the meaties for the first couple weeks. The withdrawl time on Amprolium is two weeks which is more than enough time to get out of their system since they are butchered 4 weeks after taken off the medicated feed.
So general consensus is either or... lol. I have to buy my quail some non-medicated game-bird starter, so I might as well get enough for them too and see how it goes!
It doesn't have to be a gamebird feed. I feed a 23% feed from start to finish. Feeding them a 28% feed is likely a waist of money, as the CX can't utilize that much protein. If that is all you can get, use it, but if you can find something between 20%-23%, it will be sufficient. With you only doing 8 of them, it's not going to be a lot of money, but if you were doing more of them, it would be more costly.
Persnally I havent fed any of my meat animals medicated feed.. No longer then they are alive I worry that it will still be in the meat when i process... As long as they are kept clean and dry you really dont need it
Also defintly dont leave them, with the bantams .. They will be crushed early

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