New Mel Gibson movie

this is a joke, right??? Please tell me it is a joke??? If it is not a joke I feel very sorry for those who had to work on this movie.

I will be pasing on this at the movies and on my netflicks.
This could be either an incredibly creative movie, or an incredibly idiotic piece of scrap that even Cirno could not have thought up of.
Wow... just wow!

I kept thinking it was a joke or a spoof. I thought the picture of Mel with the puppet has got to be photoshopped... someone with mad skills is just having fun. Then I watched the preview and was thinking, ok, they just took bits from other movies (like this ).

But, I can't believe it, it seems to be a real movie.

WOw.. did he ever get old...
Seems the movie is almost a play on his own real life...all his cheating and family drama and drinking.,..etc...
Wow..... Now I am glad i don't go to the movies anymore.
Only movies I watch these days are corny horror films, or syfy movies on the weekend....
Personally I think this one would be a waste of time.... Couldn't really pick up on the plot.
I recall seeing this in the news. He must really need the money. Regardless of the movie I find it difficult to watch any movie where the actor has behaved foolishly in real life. I think I would rather watch Poultrygist: Night of the Chicken...or attack of the killer tomatoes...than the Beaver.

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