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Feb 21, 2013
Lawrence, KS
Hi Everybody! I'm Jisele from Lawrence KS. I've checked out the site a few times but I'm still lost. I finally have a small house with a big back yard so I can have chcikens!

Have a few chicks that I need help identifying. Need to figure out how to build or find someone who will build or help me build an inexpensive coop (for pay). I'm older and disabled but I can do most things and I follow instructions well.

Also need to figure how/where to post different questions. Not sure if I'm a subscriber or a member. Told you I was lost!

But I'm glad to be here. Have missed being around chickens (bloodtested for the state, farmsat and helped out with 4H, mostly poultry and goats, where I used to live.) Didn't realize I missed the little fuzzbutts so much. Always had 1-4 pet bantams that lived in my townhouse (actually I lived in their house...they ran the show!)

Even the dog and cat were intimidated by my frizzled bantam Cochin hen, Lady who lived with us and slept in a dishpan on my dauther's nightstand for 8 years. Really miss her! She once found a peachick egg on a farm where I was doing some work. It was early fall and the owner and I didn't think it was fertile and Lady WANTED IT! She sat on it and I was just about ready to toss it, when I picked her up there was the longest legged chick (still damp)...he was nearly as tall as she was! It was a wonderful but confusing experience for the next 8 months! That's a pic of Lady and Peep (about 3 hours old) below. Peep was finally able to go to a farm and learn to be a Peacock 5 years ago. He's stunning! He remembers me (especially if I have food) but is not overly friendly. He's definitely become a Peacock which is what I was worried about.



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Apr 3, 2013
West Virginia, Roane County
Welcome! Now that you have chickens there is just no telling what new stories and adventures you are going to have-and by the way- loved what your little hen did for the peachick. To cute -thanks for the picture!


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Jul 17, 2011
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