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Jun 29, 2020
Since Covid cancelled our travel plans we have been working around the farm doing general updating, etc.
Therefore, the chicken idea came up (again) and we decided to do it.
Our 11 Wyandottes arrived last Thursday (one rooster and 11 pullets). We started with Wyandottes because of what we read about them being hardy and dual purpose. We have the brooder set up and are now trying to figure out the best way to set up a Coop and Run. We also plan on free ranging the chickens. Our thought is that we can go up to 20ish pullets. We will see!

We are totally new at this, so I called our Extension Agent, got 3 library books per Libby check out (Different types of Chickens for Dummies). found the site. He also recommended this site. Our neighbor, Jeremie owns and manages the Reubensville Feed Store, so he is a helpful resource.

Our plan for our dual purpose chickens is primarily layers and also meat production. We have 7 adult children and 2 siblings nearby with whom we will be sharing eggs and possibly meat.
This all has been very interesting and fun so far. We are both retired and live on 16 acres in Middle Tennessee. Our biggest challenge currently is building the best coop with the appropriate size and placement of roosts, nest boxes, doors, etc. I will be reading this site frequently to gather as much information as possible.
Feb 2, 2017
San Joaquin Valley CA.
I keep chickens, because they are soft and snuggly. :D

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