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Dec 13, 2020
Hey there we are ag farmers and novice homesteaders out in the Eastern TX country. We have to manage all types of environmental factors to keep our young flock healthy and happy - so far so good. We rely on good information and consistency which is why this forum has become a regular go-to for us.

We have a breeding pair of leghorns, Golden sex-link hens, their pure leghorn & sex-link hybrid chicks, a mixed bag of some sort of bantam hybrid poults which we need help identifying because they are beautiful and came from parents whose breeds we now know have definitely been misidentified and two Spanish Black/Norfolk Black heritage turkeys who are just over a month out from reaching sexual maturity yet we still don’t know their genders for sure - Another question I’m looking to tackle on here as we are committed to conserving heritage turkey breeds and want more but have to plan according to whose already here. We love all our birds. Ok maybe our turkeys a little more but I think fellow turkey owners understand. In addition to more probably Spanish Black and Royal Palm turkeys, I’d like to raise a few more chicken breeds and hope to find some locally to avoid having eggs shipped to us (the probability of over half arriving dead scenario is upsetting). Definitely on the look out for Araucanas, Marans, Olive Eggers, Deep Lavender Buffs....

I really like this forum being someone who typically isn’t into or thinks much good comes from spending much time on them, however in addition to constant work, research, trial & error (which has been tough at times) information on this forum has helped me go from never really interacting much with livestock to full blown thriving bird mom, nurse, and breeder in under a year. Because of that we’d like to get involved. To share and gain experience so we can do our best for all our critters.

Happy to be here :)
We will extend the roost a bit, (So your turkeys can fit too) :frow

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