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I've wanted chickens for a while now as my grandma used to own some silkie bantams and I used to love them... and I finally got 2 girls of my own. They're both a New Hampshire x. I think only one of them has started laying. She's slightly larger than the other. I haven't decided on names for them yet, but they're coming!

I'm still sorting out how to manage their coop; parasite prevention and control is of uttermost importance to me as I have an Eclectus Parrot and he is like a child of my own, from my own blood. I don't want him catching anything from his new sisters ;)

I'm trying to decide on putting sand or woodchips down in the coop... at the moment they're on a little patch of dirt we had that wasn't growing anything (my mum kills anything she plants ;) ) and it's Spring so it's not muddy or anything... but I think sand will be easier to scrape the surface out and clean.

They haven't been let out of their coop yet as I've only had them since Monday and I heard they need a week to get "home" into their heads.

A few questions:

- Has anyone had much trouble with their chickens flying over fences? I worry a little because on my left lives a typically grumpy old man and my back fence faces a pedestrian path then a main road about 8 metres from the fence.

- Has anyone got any tips for attempting to tame them? I've had experiences with taming birds in the past but chickens seem like an entirely different ballpark, haha. I'll open the door to their coop and they'll come up to me and peck around where I sit, take things from my hands, etc., but don't take well to being touched and hate being held. The bigger one doesn't mind as much, but the smaller one will have nothing to do with human contact. They seem friendly, though. They're very inquisitive! They have to know what I pick up, where I place it, what it does when I put it down... and then figure out it's a twig and go back to looking at me in a strange way haha

- I'm currently feeding them layer pellets. They're also getting odd scraps, my parrot's leftovers (he's fussy as), bugs I find around the yard in my garden (loooove slugs, yay!), and some of the curly lettuce I'm growing for my parrot. I figure if I end up putting sand in their coop then I won't need to give them grit. Is this all a-okay? I'm still reading through treat options, which seem similar to what my parrot is allowed/not allowed. They can share, haha.

These are my girls, and my Ekkie:

I look forward to exploring this forum a little more! :)
The usual advice is to clip only one wing, so the bird is off balance. Some birds can successfully get over a fence even if both wings are clipped. Also a bird with clipped wings can be a 'sitting duck' when predators come around.
:welcome and good luck with your poultry adventure :frow Agreed, just clip one wing. My polish hen had a habit of flying out, then getting lost due to her poor visibility, poor dear.

I've found the best way to get your chickens to warm up to you is treats, and just sitting in there pen/by there pen, and just talking, tell them w/e you want, they seem to enjoy it after awhile.... Or temporarily go deaf when food is involved.....
Thanks for the welcomes and the advice, guys :) I have heard getting one wing clipped is better at keeping birds on the ground. I was a bit unsure about that at first as I know with parrots, it's bad to do that in case they try to fly and can't then easily control where they land and might break something :(
But chooks seem better built, haha. I will have to take them to a vet over the weekend and get them clipped. It's not really something I want to try out for myself lol

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