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I have lived on a farm all my life and really love my poultry. I think I get it from my dad, he always loved his birds and has many different varieties. I am in the process of changing my flock over to heritage breeds, I chose the Chanticleer. I purchased 3 hens last fall from a local farmer and I love them. They are currently with my barnyard mix flock. I have had my rooster for 7 years and I can't bring in another at this time, he is very territorial. He knows he is king and acts the part. So will have to wait to replace him with a Chanticleer rooster. While searching for my heritage breed of chickens I also decided to try heritage Turkeys. I usually raise the broad breasted whites. Last year I searched for Bourbon Reds, I ordered 6, but only 2 came in, so I took 4 Royal Palms with them. I kept 2 hens, 1 Royal Palm and 1 Bourbon Red. Which brought me to my current search, which is to find a Bourbon Red adult tom. I found this site and love all the information, so I decided to join. Is there a section for wanted or for sale?


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Hello and
from Oregon. There is a section on here for wanted items/brids. Click on Index scroll down to the buy/sell/auction area.
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