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Nov 5, 2012
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Hello everyone!

My name is Jeanne and I am a new member of the flock here at your wonderful site. I have owned chickens in the past and am looking into starting a new flock of heritage birds next year for both eggs and meat. It's gearing up into winter here in the northeast now and I don't want to put the birds through a stressful transition right before the hard season begins. That and getting the family involved in it will go smoother when it is easier to go out back and tend the flock. I know I prefer spring/summer/fall tending over winter tending... LOL.

We just have 1.9 acres, but I have a perfect spot picked out for the coop... now to get the husband on board! He will resist, but so long as he doesn't have to care for them he will love the eggs and meat... LOL. The kids are all on board though. I used to have 6 hens years ago when I lived with my father. Emily was just a baby (she's almost 12 now), but she loved to go out and collect the eggs. I know my son will love to help too. I wish we could free range them, but I know my neighbors wouldn't want little feathered visitors, so they will need a penned area. I look forward to learning from more seasoned members and lending help if and when I can.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

Hi, welcome to BYC......glad u joined


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