New member from the North Shore of Boston.


May 14, 2015
HI. Backyard Chicken mom here with two handsome Roos (just inherited one from our deceased neighbor), 2 elderly Ameracaunas (we get an occasional blue egg still) , 1 laying RI Red, and 5 laying Golden comets. Looking for some more Ameracaunas. Anyone have any leads within an hour's drive? Looking forward to being part of this community. SO much to learn. I adore my clucking girls. Please introduce yourselves!
Hello there and welcome to BYC!

So glad you could join our community!

I am glad you are enjoying your birds. Chickens are so much fun to keep!!

Make yourself at home here and we do welcome you to our flock!
Two roos can handle 10 hens each. Too few and they overbreed and can damage the girls. If you plan to sell or hatch fertile eggs then you need a rooster. Otherwise hens are very happy to lay non fertile eggs without being harassed by a rooster.

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