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    Aug 17, 2013
    Hello. I have 3 red pullets and (3 black Americana who turned out to be roosters). My 6 always stayed together until recently. I have three separate questions. One Americana, who I am assuming is a rooster because it tried to mount one of my pullets, doesn't cockadoodle do. Is this normal? Also, he is a loner. Hangs out with no one and actually is timid. Is this normal?. Also a second rooster (not the dominant) got hurt, sprained ankle and now the loner hangs with him. Why?

    Bigger question. I noticed I've had a red pullet missing for 2 days and checked coop last night and not sleeping with rest. Thought she was dead somewhere. Found her today in remote area of yard laying on 15 eggs. I don't know if the eggs are fertile, unfertile or how long they've been there (the chickens have only been laying eggs for less than a month) and are they all her eggs? I'd like to hatch baby chicks but is she eating? And are they going to hatch? And when? What do I do? Do I put a bowl of food there for her or is she leaving nest to eat? It's funny because I've only noticed her missing for 2 days but obviously I'm not with her all day. Do chickens have to sit on a nest 24/7 to hatch? It's cold at night here and temperature at 11am here now is only 65 degrees. Help.

    Third question. My rooster that sprained his ankle used to cock a doodle do not loudly before that. He doesn't anymore? Will it restart? My dominant rooster however cockadoodle dos LOUDLY all day long. It's annoying to us and neighbors and embarrassing. He also throws the females down like a rag doll to mate. It's just not right. And he dances around them constantly. They can barely do their own thing. However, the 3 females only hang around that one rooster, like a harem. Maybe they like it. But that rooster is being bullyish to one of my timid rooster to the point of possibly hurting him. If I give him away to a friend, will one of my other 2 roosters become the dominant and start the same thing? Or will my backyard become harmonious?

    There's LOTS of different questions here. Please answer each one :) Thank you!
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    Welcome fellow Massachusetts chicken keeper, I don't have any roosters so I'm no help there.
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    I had a silly chicken do something similar - If you have a rooster you can consider that those eggs may indeed be fertile. Can you move some of the eggs and the broodie chicken and place her in a brooder box with food and water? The nice thing about chickens is that you can somewhat control how many have the opportunity of hatching. The eggs are most likely from all of the chickens. My chicken her name was DOPEY for obvious reasons. Her sneaky nest was at this odd angle and she was sitting at nearly a 45 degree angle on about 20 eggs. Most chicken do not hatch well - large numbers of eggs. I let her sit on three and they all hatched in the brooder box.

    Welcome to the forum and enjoy your chickens

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    Welcome to BYC kargarcyr!
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    [​IMG] The other roosters will not crow while there is the DOMINANT ROOSTER in charge. He may not allow the hens nears the other males. He probably is overbreeding your hens because you have way too many males and too few hens. A rooster can handle 10 hens, if he has less he is going to breed them to the point of damage. Unless you want to have fertile eggs, you do not need any rooster. Hens will lay eggs regardless. I'm sure flock life would be more harmonious is you rehome the tyrant Rooster. The next in line will step up for the job. He may or may not be a tough guy in the flock. You'd have to wait and see.

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    Welcome to BYC! Glad you joined us! [​IMG]
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    Greetings from Kansas and [​IMG]! Great to have you with us!

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