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May 18, 2015
West End, NC
I come to you guys for help we live in a gates community & the landowners association is demanding we get rid of our coop!! Ridiculous! My husband built this coop & it definitely is NOT an eye sore. We have 4 Chicks - my children love them..just wondering if anyone knew of any one we could contact for help.? They are saying these are not considered "house hold pets"?? Thank you for any help
Our coop

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Aug 16, 2014
Hi :welcome

Glad you could join the flock! I'm sorry to hear the landowners association are demanding you to remove your coop.mi think it looks great and not an eyesore at all. I'm not really sure where to point you in your area but do please drop by the chicken laws section of the forum. Here is the link ~

You could also try your state thread for people in your area who may be able to help you ~

Wishing you the very best of luck and I really hope they don't force you to remove your coop :frow


May 17, 2015
Denton, TX
Welcome to BYC! Ahhhhh, the proverbial and all wise Home Owners Association where others know best about what belongs on your property......
. I'm sure this is in your backyard and your HOA has laws that you cannot have privacy fencing perhaps (?), therefore all of your neighbors can see this ugly eyesore.....NOT. I'm in Texas and HOA's got so bad here they started creating laws to limit HOA rules. I've never lived in an HOA.....just too independent.....but I have many friends who do. I'm rootin for ya. The sad part is other children would get enjoyment out of your chickens....not to mention eggs are such a great way to get to know the neighbors. You getting rid of the coop has nothing to do with the wonderful job your husband did building it. You could have bought a $2000 coop and they would have complained. Good luck. I really hope someone can help you.

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May 18, 2015
Story City, Iowa
We bought a dozen Iowa Blue eggs but only 4 hatched. They are 6 weeks old. We will need to get more hens once we get the others settled in the coop. We're not positive on the sex of the ones we have because we are novices but plan on posting pictures. There are 2 we think we know for sure.

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Aug 26, 2009
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Would you be allowed to have tiny bantam chickens as housepets? They are about the size of small parrots. There is a popular thread on here "People with house chickens." A lot of folks have decided to go that way so they can have birds. My friend has 4 housepet chickens 2 seramas and 2 silkies . Seramas are believed to be the smallest of the bantam chickens.

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