New member here to say Hey you all


Mar 6, 2010
HI I'm offhop from Corona California - my family consists of a total of 8. Myself ... "What's-His-Name" who I live in the same house with . . . 4 Duck's: "DEWEY DUCK" a 9yr. old male Pekin - I hatched in my kitchen with a cookie tin & heating pad. . . his gal "HEIFERNINA" a Pekin ( yes I did buy him a gal ) . . . "DICK" a 7yr. old male Pekin , rescued him as he was abandoned . . . his gal "LITTLE DUCK" an Indian Runner (I think) was given to me . . .
1 Chicken: "THE JENSEN HEN" a little grey/white hen I found in a feed bag in a puddle of water in front of the Jensen's house. . . and 1 Amazon Parrot: "PABLO" he just recently was given back to me after 15years due to health problems (she need's a heart transplant). They are all really really spoiled - all except for "What's-His-Name" Ha Ha. They are a real hand full - but oh how I love each and every one of em. A friend of mine always said "When I die and if I come back - I want to come back as one of BillieJo's duck's". The next one I get will be named "Jeff" as he passed away last month.
I have always worked with animal's - a vet. tech. in animal hospital's - for animal control - now I feel I am the "animal emergency on-call tech." here where I live. I don't mind at all and do what ever I can to help. Well I just wanted to say "Hey You All" and I am glad I found you! ! ! Back at ya later.



10 Years
Dec 15, 2009
from alaska

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