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Mar 29, 2018
HI' my name is Bob I live in a small town in Point Pleasant, nj
I' looking to get 6 or 8 buff Orpington chicks to have some fun with my grandkids. I' an engineer by trade retired so you can guess I'm in the mass research phase so far. Looking to build a 4x6 coop and about a 12x10 fenced in pen surrounding it complete with top cover. 1 hawk in the area and I think he took one of my cats for his lunch. Hoping to pick some experienced folks before diving in. Oh did I tell you I'm an engineer so you already know I'm in deep already and haven' spent more than $100 already. That' just for my broader and misc supplies, heat lamp, feed, waterer, feeder, starter feed, pine shavings, book, ok I'm in. My town allows up to 12 one of which can be a rooster. No rooster here. Our homes are way to close and I don' think I need one more than I need good friendly neighbors. Ok let' go.....
Welcome Bob. Me, myself and 250,000 other members are @ your service.
Say jump.. we will say how high?!
Welcome Bob! Thanks for swimming over to our boat.

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