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9 Years
Jun 16, 2010
Well ! To start let me just say " hello" to all. What brings me to this site is lot's of Q&A' S. I seem to be at a dead lock with this one. Being a chicken kind of person. A fellow raiser of or fine feathered friends dropped of a hand full of new additions to my roost. They are now 10 weeks old and have not been sexed. Breed line of what I believe to be Great Whites. This line on chickens has me stiffled, brown and white, pure white ,spotted , and black and white comb. Crowing is seldom, nor can I tell the defference between feathers, pointed or round. Not Bantom or Brahmas atleast I don't think this is the case. I'm leaning to Roadies. Venting seems to be to late. YES-OR NO. H.......E.........L............P. Will post pick soon as possible

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