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Sep 24, 2009
Hi, everybody!

I have got good answers from this forum already, about papaya seeds. For obvious reasons we Swedes have limited experience with tropical fruit like papaya, although we find them in supermarkets.

I live in a suburb 20 km east of central Stockholm, close to the Baltic sea. It is far north compared to most members of this forum, almost the same latitude as Anchorage, Alaska. We have long dark winters, although not terrible cold. All too often the snow melts even in January and February, but the ground rarely starts to thaws before April.

I have had chickens for almost two months, a grown hen and her 4 month old daughter who layed her first egg today. They are both both black with brown necks, and a mix of two old Swedish breeds, namely Hedemora and Blomme. Actually, we had a sister to the younger one but she got Marek's disease.

It is not common to have backyard chickens around here, although it is permitted. All near neighbors have been welcoming about it - no roosters, though.

This seems to be a very helpful and interesting forum. I was lucky to find it.
from South Carolina, USA! Very nice to meet someone from such a different climate.

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