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    Sep 6, 2010
    Hey, all! Found the website this morning, trying to find out whether I can feed my basil clippings to my little banty chickens (answer is yes). I've had them about a year and still a little sketchy about what they can and should not eat. I'm semi-retired, moved here from Detroit 3 years ago. I'm a loyal subscriber to Countryside magazine and have always dreamed about living a self-sufficient life. My son raises chickens and there is nothing in the world like a fresh egg for breakfast. When I lived in Michigan I used to tease about writing a book about raising chickens on the balcony. Last year, my kids' dad, who is a rabid chicken-ista, built a beautiful little coop, brought it down on the back of his pickup, along with some chickens from his flock. I have 5 bantam hens--2 silver sebrights, 2 vowerks and a mystery chicken--bigger than the others, but a big wuss. I live in a small town, so wanted a low-profile coop. Unfortunately I have a corner lot, so nothing is secret here. One of the sebrights seemed to have a stroke a couple of months ago. I thought about putting her down, but she seems to be thriving now and I just don't have the heart. She doesn't go up the ramp into the coop anymore, so I guess when the weather turns cold, I should do something about her

    Looks like a fun community. Looking forward to "meeting" some of you!
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    Hello from Central NY! [​IMG] Good luck with your Sebright.
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    [​IMG] and hello Indiana
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    Hello from Tucson, AZ and [​IMG] You're going to like this site.

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