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Jun 16, 2010
Hi everyone! I'm so happy I found this site! As a new chick mommy I am constantly checking to see if what I am doing is right!

Last monday my new chickies hatched and were sent to me by MPC. I ordered 10, but they sent me 16!!! Is this typical? Just curious. One of the girls "Libby" was DOA and "Lucille" died 2 hours after pickup. So sad! I lost one more this past Saturday. (Not sure why!) Of course, it had to be the one my 11yo son had loved the best. He named her "Rexy." So right now I am left with 13. I have 5 Silver & Golden Laced Wyandottes "Velma","Roxy" "Rosalie", "Fleur", "Speedy", ( just starting to tell which ones are which from their "big girl" feathers.) I have 1 Salmon Faverolle left named "Lorretta" ( "Libby" & "Lucille" were Faverolles), I have 2 EE " Eseme" & "Cinnamon Bun-Bun-Head" (Don't ask! *chuckle*), 1 have 1 chick that is all white with a few bluish/black spots on her back named "Luna". Not sure what she is. I have 3 Australorps named " Helen", "Penelope" & "Astraia." The last is the oddest thing I have ever seen. She is so tiny and doesn't have the big fluffy feathers the others do. She is chipmunk striped like the other 2 EE, but it is more dilute. Legs are super long and gangly and her beak is too big for her face. I feel bad for little "Bellatrix" She often sleeps alone on the other side of the Brooder but she appears to be very healthy despite her size and is often the one doing the pecking.

As you can probably tell from my chicken names my kids love Harry Potter , Twilight and Chicago. *chuckle* My Australorps are named after Greek Goddesses/ Heroines. *smiling* I love to garden, kayak, paint, quilt and read. My kiddos are 17, 11 and 8. My daughter just graduated from HS and will be off exploring Europe for 3 months before settling into college. My boys love swimming at the lake and playing sports (soccer, baseball & hockey) They hate helping me garden! *lol* I've always wanted to have a small farm and think that chickens are a great start!

I have 3 cats: "Lola" (my voluptious Siamese), "Kansas" & "Noodles" who are not very happy with me right now because they can hear the *chirrups!* and want to meet the chickies desperately! How & when, if EVER, does one introduce chickens and cats? My cats are indoors cats, so right now is the hardest phase. Once the girls are in the coop outside they probably won't see much of each other...

Anyway, I'm happy to be here and look forward to bonding over our chicklets! I will get pictures posted sometime soon!


P.S. I gave some scrambled egg this morning and the girls LOVED it!

P.P.S. I was using paper towels and switched to pine shavings after they were 5 days old. "Rexy" died that same day so I thought it might be because she ate the bedding. I went back to paper towels, but after reading some posts I was convinced to switch back to shavings. However, "Lorretta" started sneezing after I put them in. Is this normal?


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Pride, La.

I can't tell you if that's why they died but I've used shavings since the day I got mine and haven't had any problems. This last set I have were only a few days old when I picked them up from a friend and have been using shavings on them since Sunday and no problems!!

Hope you figure your problem out.


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