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    Jan 29, 2009
    Martin County, NC
    Hey! I am a new member who rescently saw this website and hope to be a good member and get a lot of useful information. I have had a desire to own chickens both for the eggs and the meat benefits for some time now and I have finally came to the point of pushing it through to completion. I have a small horse farm out here in Eastern NC, and we have rescently got rid of a horse so one of the stalls is sitting empty. That got me wondering what I wanted to put in that empty stall. Horses are extremely pricey and a lot of work for no benefit( unless you think they are cute, lol ) being that I don't ride. So with horses off the table I got to looking into simpler, smaller, and cheaper alternatives: chickens. What I figured would be to put the feeder and waterer in the stall along with the nests, and open up the outside entrance and make a fence around the feild outside of it.

    I have been doing a ton of reading over the last couple of days despite tons of HW and lack of sleep, and I have really became quite excited about the operation. I want to start small being that I have no chicken experience at all. Maybe 6 layers and 4 roosters, along those lines. As you all know( and even if you didn't ) it is cold right now in NC, so a winter layer is a must for the hens. As far as the roosters, any of the heavy breeds that will grow up big to fill up the deep fat frier we got last Christmas:D

    Basicly, what reccomendations do you have on breeds of each with the knowledge that most of the roosters will be cooked upon growing to mature weight and all of the hens will be kept for their laying life. I have been looking at the Barred Rocks, and Buff Rocks as well as the New Hampshire and R.I. Reds( all for the hens ) They lay all winter and its those nice brown eggs that just taste better. Any experiences with these breeds and please feel free to make any suggestions. I'm new to this and will aprreciate any advice. As far as roosters go, I saw the picture of the Jumbo Cornish X Rock and fell in love with the size of it! I can just see the grilled chicken breasts on the plate every time I look at it. What is the experience with it and the like? Please remember that I am new to this so all of my observations are based on reading and pictures. My dad likes the barred rock roosters and says they get big too, so I would love some reccomendations if possible.

    All of that being said, I am really excited about this project and hope to order my brooder, nests, and string the chicken wire this weekend and be that much closer to the chickens. I am using Murray McMurray Hatery's website for most of my research. Also, any suggestions and experiences about getting started will be greatly appreciated too.

    Again, thanks in advance and I hope to get a lot from everybody on this site and learn a lot and enjoy this hobby at the same time.

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    I am certain you will get ALOT of very good information.

    Ms. Prissy is the BEST!!! she will answer all your questions!
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    [​IMG] from TN
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    [​IMG] from graham, nc. where are you at in the tar heel, what town? i have RIR's and Black Ausralorps, New hampshire reds and soon will have EE's. they are all very good layers. as far as roo's go you only need to get one roo for every five to ten hens that you have, if you get to many roo's all they will do is fight over the hens. if you want to get chicks, i have some all the time, i will have 36 that i am hatching out monday, and will have 29 more that will hatch out on the 16th of feb also. i keep three to four incubators going all the time. i always keep some chicks but i sell some too. william
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    Well, welcome to BYC!!! I assume from your HW that you are in High School or college, and it's great to hear of more young people interested in raising birds.

    You should pick out birds that you like the looks of---The old fashioned breeds can be very rewarding. If you really want a lot of good eggs, you might be interested in getting hybrids, such as Red or Black sex-links, or production reds. As far as roosters go, a 6:4 ratio is maybe too high. If you only have 6 hens, you don't want more than one roo really. They'll fight a lot, especially if they're an aggressive breed, and they will wear out the hens. You might think they're going to be okay, but then when they reach maturity, they'll start fighting, and trying to breed the hens so much they'll lose their feathers on the back.

    Also, you should consider broodiness. Certain types are more broody, and if you want to hatch eggs naturally (under a hen) Hybrids will not be a good choice.

    There's lots of information to go over! Check out the books on chickens at your library. Gail Damerow has a good one called something like "Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens".

    GOOD LUCK!!!
  6. Hello and Welcome !
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    from Maine
    where the snow is deep and the taxes are high.
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    -Grace from Okla-
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    Glad to have you here! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] I am from Louisiana.[​IMG] New to the chicken world. This site is SOOoooooooo much FUN![​IMG]

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