New Member - Question on Incubating Eggs that were shipped


9 Years
Oct 6, 2010
Hi All,

Just found your website two days ago, started reading various forums-everyone seemed so friendly and helpful-so I decided to join!

I’m considering purchasing eggs online for incubation and would like to know how things turned out for anyone who has done this.

Is there a better time of year to do this due to temperature during shipping? Does how they’re packed make a lot of difference (other than breakage)? – I’ve read some use bubble wrap on each egg. Yet, another seller swears that using bubble wrap on an egg will kill it because it can’t breathe.

Anyway, if anyone has purchased, shipped, and incubated eggs, any information you’d like to share would certainly be appreciated.

welcome to BYC, I've had eggs shiped to me and some do better than others, and they all had been bubble wraped, so.... out of 1 doz I got only 1 chick, but then I got another Doz from some one else and I got 8 chicks.................
from Ohio. It depends on many factors, temp, time in transit, age of eggs when shipped, fertility and health of parents and I am sure I have missed a few and this is all before you get them. Then incubation on your part has it own set of factors. Good luck.

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