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Chicken Coop blues

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Jun 8, 2017
Hello Everyone

i'M Chicken Coop Blues, and live in upstate NY. I started with chickens when I say them hatched in the fourth grade and won the lottery to keep six of the chicks. Well the lived at my uncles house and a fox got them and I was heart broken. But many years latter and four kids. I am ask by one of the four if for the birthday can they have chickens. So my husband and I go buy 7 chicks form a farmer. Well I loved those chicken because as they grew and the newness wore off, they became mine. and secretly that's what I wanted any way. lol so this group made it through the winter with only one death and my boxer took one hen out. And that was a bad day at my house because the child that wanted them to start was now upset. :barnie So I nurse-ted a star gazer back to health and saved the rest and added 7 hens so that was 12 total Just to live for a weekend of camping to come home and only have 3 lift, 2 hens and a Rooster. no sign of the other 9 anywhere, not even a feather. I know it was bad because my rooster was a nice guy and after he was nasty. one I could pick him up if he was in the mood. but hes in the frizzier now. even thou the fight him and my husband had was one of the funnest things i have seen in years. i could see he wasn't safe for him to be around the kids. But that didn't happen till winter. So I never noticed one of the 2 hens left was ever missing and when we did we found she was sitting on 20+ eggs 2 days latter she hatches 11 healthy chicks that have grown to be 2 roosters and 8 hens so that gives me 13-1 nasty rooster 12. So now I still have 12 chickens the two roosters and the 10 hens. and all are healthy and sweet. they are kind of pets and food at the same time and great layers. until last month when three of my hens went broody. well time has come and gone for the eggs to have hatched, and no baby's yet. they have rolled some out during the night and I have seen chicks that look hours away from hatching dead. and I don't know why. and the others will lay one the 3 hens or sit in there so one of the broody hens can sit and throw food on her self in the middle of the food dish. I am starting to worry about the broody hens. should I just let them sit and hope the first time moms figure it out or make them stop for the season. I don't know what i'm not doing for them.:thbut that me and my chickens in an egg shell:D I also have 2 dogs a boxer and a Newfoundland, 2 cats who love sleeping in the coop, and I was just given 2 baby polish beard 4 toed chicks. that look heather then when I got them.
Hello there and welcome to BYC! :frow

If the hatch date has come and gone, its time to remove the eggs. Especially if it's starting to effect the hen's health. Sometimes the instinct to be a momma is stronger than their sense of responsibility for themselves. I would remove the eggs and chances are they will instantly give up. And what with summer heat, they need enough water and sustenance.

Sounds like you have a great flock now. :)

Make yourself at home here, good luck with those broodies, ;) and enjoy all your poultry adventures! :)
Well now that you have a young rooster or two, please rehome or eat the mean one you have. Sooner or later he will really hurt someone and probably your kids first since they are lower to the ground and better targets.

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