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8 Years
Sep 8, 2011

Me and my mum decided to get chickens about 3 years ago as a project, we brought two to start with, then at the start of this year brought three more to add to the brood

We have 5 altogether, a Sussex white (think that's what she is) an ISA brown, 2 Rhode Island Reds and a random speckled hen( which i'm sure has some game bird in her)

I discovered when looking for some more advise on a medical issue- which i have already had some feedback on- again much appreciated, and hope i can help someone in the future

I also have 2 horses, some fish and hoping to get some ducks to add to the collection soon and maybe a pygmy goat or two

We are in the process of extending our Avery/coop for the Chooks, as they seem to have the run of most of the garden anyway!!!!

Thanks, look forward to speaking with you all

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