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Jun 4, 2017
Western Wisconsin
I've followed BYC for a couple of years as a non-member, so it's about time I joined! The information here has always been great and it looks like a very supportive community.
A few years ago we retired and moved to our current five acres in western Wisconsin. I adopted four older hens. I had an EE that was at least ten years old when she died, a five year old BR, and two mutts. Three of my flock died within a couple of months, all different causes. The fourth got just too lonely so I gave her to a friend to join her flock. I thought I was done with my chicken phase. Ha!
SO NOW, this spring I have eight chicks, all going on 7 weeks old; two BAs, two BOs, and 4 EEs. The EEs seem to include a wheaten-lavender and a wheaten-white. I'm excited to see how their feathers continue to change.
I fear that both the BAs are cockerels; one is for sure. I so wished for an Aussie hen, and still have my fingers crossed. And one of my BOs is a cockerel, too. Decisions will have to be made.
But like all of you here, I'm having so much fun with my sweet little birds. My avatar is Whistles, named for her soft, melodious voice.
I hope to connect with more back-yarders in my area. Thank you for forming a community online!
Welcome to BYC!
You can post pictures of the "maybe boys" and we will chime in as to what we think the gender is to help you.
Biff the Buff

IMG_1845.JPG IMG_1848.JPG
This is Zeke, previously our runt, whom I so wish were a pullet, but look at those legs and those new tail feathers. What do you think?

And this is Stormy. He is self-appointed boss and guardian of the flock and has had all the behaviors from day one. He guards the pop door at night and sometimes tries to "round me up" with the rest of the chicks.
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You can also post at "what breed or gender is this" to get more opinions. I'd keep an eye on Stormy, if he tries to round you up, he thinks you are one of the flock, he can become a very aggressive roo.
Yes, Stormy is quick to sneak a peck on me if I'm not looking. He's too little to do any damage yet, but he's growing fast. I recognize that we have to exercise caution with him.

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