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Good morning all, I just wanted to introduce myself and of course, as everyone a quick question. I have some backyard ducks and, more recently, chickens. I have a barred rock, dark Brahma and some silkies, and can't figure out if one of my Silkies is male or female. I will include some pictures of the one in questioning... if anyone can help me out that would be great! The pictures may know show enough detail, but he/she is a little hard to photograph as, unlike its brother (fairly certain on that one), doesn't like to be touched.

He/She is fairly timid, has a pretty full tail and head plumage. I'm thinking it may be a male though as it often chest bumps with my other silkie chick that I believe to be a male.. thoughts or suggestions?

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Both sexes do the chest bump thing. Silkies are very difficult to sex before 4-5 mos. of age. You really need a clear, closeup of the head (showing comb) and facing the camera.

Also a profile whole body shot. You might do better to post photos on the Silkie thread. Just put that in the search box and it should pop up.


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Welcome to BYC. Silkies are tough even when much older than your chick. Understand that both young pullets and cockerels chest bump and mock fight.

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