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May 25, 2017
HI I live in rural northern ontario. I have chickens again after a few years of living in town (I didn't like it). Currently have 5 lavender orphingtons 18 cornish cross chicks 2 easter Eggers, and currently on day 21 hatch of 33 eggs 8 confirmed non viable 15 hatched and the rest pipped. Mommy of 4, nurse, married to the best husband in the world.
Hello, glad you have joined us.

Congrats on getting back into chicken tending.
You do have your hands quite full, good luck with your new hatchings.
Had a great hatch over 70%. Currently have one very weak one, but with some electrolytes in a baby medicine dropper she's starting to perk up. Starting my next hatch tonight lol.

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