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Jun 13, 2018
Grand Rapids, MN
Hello. My name is Rian. I am a DIY'er and was on Pintrest looking for ideas for a small to med sized Pigeon loft/chicken coop. I live in MN. My hobbies are landscaping and gardening, and pets. I have raised chickens and pigeons when i was a kid. I now have my own place on the out skirts of a small town, Grand rapids so my space is limited. One of my neighbor's down the street has a bird feed in their front yard. There is a small gathering of pigeons that visit that feeder daily, but the birds are not their's.? But not wild either. I thought to my self how fun it would be to start a small flock again. So i found this site and seeing see some perfect size coops. Look forward to more idea's and open to meeting and chatting with other members.
Good day to all.


Jan 1, 2017
Coastal NC
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My Coop
:frow Rian!
Welcome to BYC!
It sounds like you are about to embark upon a cool project.
You are going to love it here.
There is a lot of creativity and ingenuity amongst this group of people. Plus the bank of knowledge is unbelievable in its depth and complexity.
I’m really glad you decided to join, I was a shy lurker for a long time. Now they can’t keep me quiet! :gig

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I was terribly shy and a total techno reject - lurked for 8 mos. Now you can see I post a great deal and am NOT shy anymore. Welcome to the flock Rian, there is a forum for "Pigeons and Doves." Just scroll through the forums at the top of this page, till you arrive at Pigeons.
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