New Member! :)

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Welcome to BYC.
:yesss: We are glad you joined this flock!
Jump right in and make yourself at home.

Turtle is a very cute name.
Does she have any friends?
Freshly hatched this morning:

This video will help you learn how to navigate this site (how to upload photos too):

Coop Ideas:
Chicken Coops.

What exactly did you Google to get here? <<<<<<<<<<<

BYC has an APP!
I'm not a big chicken-owner; just two 5-year-old Rhode Island Red Hens. And 4 quails.
I've decided to join after a few months of browsing BYC, but sometimes I couldn't find the answer I needed. So I decided to join.

Right now my major reason for joining is because of my 2-year-old female Coturnix quail... Turtle. :hmm


- TurtletheCoturnix

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