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Oct 15, 2019
(1) I am new to chickens. I got my first chickens as babies last March.
(2) I have six chicken
(3) Three are Buff Orphingtons and three are Rhode Island Reds

(4) I love these chickens. They come when I call them. They let me pet them and pick them up.

(5) I also have six Nigerian Dwarf goats. They share the same area as my chickens.

(6) I retired last April and started this hobby. Both the goats and chickens are completely new. We live on seven acres with a nice big barn, have for many rears, but I never had time to take this up. I am having the best time!

(7) I spent a good year reading and studying about both these goats and chickens before I brought them home. Until recently everything was going well. Now, I am worried about the coming winter and want to make sure I do everything to keep them safe and comfortable. :D


Sep 4, 2019
My advice: don't use a heatlamp! For these reasons:
-winter is break time for chickens, a time where they don't have to lay consistently. Heat lamps take away that break, and therefore makes the chicken's life shorter.
-if you were out of town and something happened to the power, as your chickens are used to the extra heat, would freeze.
-chickens are tougher than you think. They got all the feathers and fluff they need. They will be fine without a heatlamp.

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