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Aug 2, 2020
Hi! I’m a new member here at Backyard Chickens. My chicken journey started when my mom found a live Rhode Island Red chicken in a pile of dead chickens at the dump. The vet said she had a bullet in her chest and would be lucky to survive. Well, she did survive and has been our pet for a year now. This spring we bought two Rhode Island Red chicks and they are now four months old! So I have a fairly small clock of three chickens but lots of other pets, including a rescue dog, a rabbit, a crested gecko, two mourning geckos, and lots of

F285E66A-B496-4231-8D24-287C6F24D044.jpeg 96CEEECF-E595-4ABA-BAA7-A233B133FE70.jpeg
The top photo is Dumpling the rescue chicken and the bottom ones are my chicks (not chicks anymore), Chip and Fern.


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