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Jul 10, 2021
Hi! We have a small flock of bantams (ha!) and love them dearly. They're 10 months old and just adorable. We raised them from chicks and named them after the spice girls. Our one roo (Baby, the blond) is now living his best life with three serama roo's on a friend's farm (we made sure all possible roos would have a home before getting chicks). The girls are spoiled rotten and have the full run of a well protected back yard. An enclosure for their coop is in the works, but for now they have an automatic coop door (omlet, we love it). They don't like being caught, but once they are, enjoy cuddling. Ginger particularly loves the high perch that is the top of our heads. I've been wanting chickens FOREVER, but the hubby is wary of regular sized chickens. He discovered bantams last july, and the rest is history!

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