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Jul 28, 2021
Hi I am a new member to this group. I have been muddling through chicken keeping for about a year and a half now. Started with seven silky bantams, lost four and teetered on with two roosters and one poor hen, I think they were pullets? Anyway now my dear little hen has had chicks. Incubated many eggs in cheap, third rate incubators before investing in a Brinsea. Now I have two successful hatches and we have a small flock of birds now. Our mother hen has now attempted for the third time to hatch her own. She has three eggs under her. Yesterday I found one of these eggs pushed out and empty! Pipped on one side and a mother beak size hole in the other, looks like the egg was excavated! I don't know if she ate her chick or whether it is under her?
I love their individual characters, I am far too sentimental for this malarky! Could never kill them! Can't even remove the roosters, I have a few. I'm just waiting to see what will happen and will only act when I'm backed into a corner.
My hobbies are vast and various but I am afraid these chickens are beginning to push all other past-times into neverland.
I've often had questions and usually google search offers up BYC , so as it looks like I am well and truly hooked to chickens, I thought I might as well join the community. So hello fellow chicken keepers. :):)


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Mar 20, 2015
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