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Aug 10, 2021
Hi all!
I'm a new member but long time article reader of this site, I've seen it quoted on many other articles and sites before.
I'm a small registered keeper and breeder of French black copper maran, cuckoo maran, marbar and some other cross breeds predominantly for egg colour. I keep Irish game hens for their aesthetic as well as their hardiness and predator resistance.
Ive been keeping hens for a couple of years now and have learned the hard way with regards predators.
I'm looking to expand my flock in the future and perhaps make some money from egg production so as to offset some of the cost of keeping more breeds hopefully.
I'm currently a full time mature student, father of 2, living in rural Kilkenny on almost 2 acres of what would at one time have been homestead but fell into disrepair since the 60's or 70's.
Anyway hopefully I can learn and share my experiences with the community. I look forward to hearing from you all!
:welcome :frow Many of us too were lurkers on BYC before we joined. I learned many lessons the hard way. You will never recoup the costs of raising chickens. I do sell my eggs as well as some birds, mostly males from my hatches that I'm not planning on keeping for breeders. I can barely make enough to feed my birds but I have a lot of birds and go through a lot of feed. As long as I can make enough to feed them, I'm happy. Good luck and have fun with your flocks...

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