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9 Years
Jun 15, 2010
Hi my name is Roseann, Iam from Central New York. I live in a place I call Blue Valley.
With Rosie,Tessie, Clorinda, Anna, Florie along with Henretta and the little ones.
which of course are my chickens. The girls being Rhode Island Reds. Expect for Henretta
who is a recently widowed Sebright. The little ones 12 in all are Bantams and I must not foreget
Sam the Rode Island Red Rooster who rules the roost. Belive it or not there is no fighting in my
little family. Most recently a baby mallard was introcuced to the family, who now thinks he is a chicken.
The Bantam Roosters watch over him. I also have a cat called Jennie who is very much a part of their
lives. My chickens just make me smile. Have a Blessed day. Roseann:


The Chickeneer
9 Years
Jun 2, 2010
El Dorado County, California
Hi Roseann! Pleased to meet you, and welcome to the Henhouse, so to speak!

Sounds like you have quite a little flock there. How long have you been keeping/raising chickens? I'm still very new at it, but it's always great to meet someone new to the forum here.

Enjoy your stay & be sure to post lots of pics of your flock, even the non-chickens included--there's forums for posting pics & stories of our other animals and non-chicken-related lives. I'm finding it is a good way to get to know the people on here.

If you're new and looking for information, the folks here are the best! They've been helpful to me and to every new person I've seen come along. If you're a seasoned chickenkeeper, glad to have your info added to the mix as well.

and enjoy!

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