9 Years
Jun 17, 2010
Hi! My name is Ashley. I live in Minnesota. I am the new Mom to two female Cayuga ducks that are three days old. We (the kids and I) have raised chicks for three summers as layers for my sister's farm. I felt ready to take the plunge and make a forever home for a few feathered friends (two of our kids have severe allergies to fur). I am nervous about the winters here and have big plans for a duck house....but I am curious if people go and shut the door nightly on their houses if the ducks are not in a run?? I have a common pond in the back of our house that is shared with neighbors so I am trying to see if free ranging during the day is an option of if I will have to make a run. We have done both for the chickens. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated. I have been reading your posts on everything from first aid kits to housing. Thanks for the Purina Mills suggestion, a feed mill by my house carries duck grower feed for when they are old enough.

Thank you again for all of your experience and knowledge!

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