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Hi! I just found BYC yesterday as I was searching for info while trying to get my new chicks into the flock. I now can't stop looking on here in all of my free time!
I've got 5 hens and 3 new chicks. I've had chickens for about a year and a half thanks to my husbands cousins who bought chicks for my son for Easter. I always wanted chickens, but my hubby said no. They really did me a favor getting them for my son!

It didn't take long to fall in love with my chickens. They gave us 3, then brought out 1 more a few weeks later. My husband built a beautiful coop (still needs siding) even though he was against them. I felt like a kid getting a puppy or a kitten "I promise I'll take care of them... you won't have to do a thing".
Out of the 4, we had one RIR rooster. He was so friendly, always wanted attention! Then he turned on us. They've always been allowed to free-range in the yard, so he came around the side of the car and tried to attack my son, who was 3 at the time. My hubby wasn't having that, so that was the end of him.
The 3 hens became such great pets. Not sure what happened to my Aracauna, but she was no longer able to use her legs, and died. It was very upsetting. So I was left with only 2 hens.

We bought 3 from an overloaded flock. They were a little hesitant to fit into our flock, but have all become great friends. 2 of them don't really like being handled, but the Delware, Foxy, changed her mind, and comes running to me whenever I come out. She hangs out with my two original girls, and they're all love to be held and pet.
I've recently, from looking at pictures on-line, learned that my Broody hen is a Wyandotte, Penny? and the other shy girl is an Americauna, Boto. My two original gals are a RIR, Totoro, and a black Sex link, Night Fury.
So my Penny has been broody and I couldn't break her, so I bought her some fertilized eggs to hatch. I got a little impatient this weekend and bought to chicks to sneak under her. And of course... one of the eggs hatched yesterday. So we now have 3 chicks, I know that one is a Barred Rock, Abby, and one a Buff Orpington, Daphne. I think the egg that hatched looks very much like the Barred Rock from the feed store. We'll have to see once they get bigger.
Penny has adopted all 3 chicks and they seem to be thriving.

So, I've given you the run down on my flock, which took a lot longer than I planned. I can't seem to get enough about chickens! I am a dental assistant, and I swear once a day I end up talking chickens with patients... surprising how many people have them! Always a fun topic

Plus, best of all... My husband deep down really likes the chickens. He pretends not to but I find him telling me which ones are his favorite and why! But don't call him on it... He'll deny it til the end!

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