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Dec 30, 2011
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Hey! I am Lolabear! I am new to this forum, my friend allmychickens introduced me. I started with 11 chickens this spring and now I have 3... if your wondering 4 were cornish that we raised to eat, and 4 chickens were eaten by dogs
. I miss them... but I still have Cherry(Rhode Island Red), Helga(Rhode Island Red), and Beatrice(Barred Rock). Other pets I have are Ivan (German Shepherd) who is 8 and Bloo(Yellow Lab) who is EXTREMELY fat... and he is 3. I also have my teddy bear hamster Lola, And Kevin my orange champaine tabby cat. Last but not least we have the kittens Milo, and Snowball
. Milo and snowball were born in my barn 3 months ago. My cat Tinkerbell (who we no longer have
) Is their mom. It was an accidental Pregnancy... She was about 10.5 months old... she got out... and well... gained weight rapidly and popped out 3 kittens... sadly 1 didn't make it.

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