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8 Years
Jan 9, 2012
I've had five chickens for about two years now. One of them died last week, not sure of the cause but she hadnt been laying for about 4 months and was generally unwell.
She was a leghorn at least 4 years old. The other chooks i have are 1 more leghorn (Pearl), a plymouth rock (Opal), australorp (Jade) and a rhode island red (Topaz).

The funny thing is the day after my chook died (Beryl), a baby chick appeared in our back yard. She couldnt possibly be from our lot as there is no rooster, but maybe it flew in from a neighbour's yard.
It's a strange co-incidence that it happened we lost one and gained one within 12 hours. Maybe Beryl, told the lost chick where they should make their new home

He/She is hanging around the chook pen and running away from me whenever I see it. No interaction with the other chooks that I can see, but my pussy cat has been chasing it - lucky it can fly well!!

I let my chooks our every day and they free range and just go back into the coop to lay and to feed. They are not the best layer's im only getting one egg a day at the moment - the others are off the lay - and im lucky if i get that egg before the crows steal it...

Anyway im looking fwd to hearing and sharing chook stories..



9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Hillsborough, NC USA
from North Carolina! Sorry about the loss of your leghorn. 4 yrs sounds like a good lifespan for a hatchery leghorn! Nice that a replacement showed up already! This is a great site, nice to have experienced chicken owners here to give the rest of us good advice!

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