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6 Years
Sep 18, 2013
Jacksonville, FL
Hi! I'm Lucy and i am obsessed with my four beautiful, young girls.
I have two barred rocks and two ameraucanas! These girls have been my favorite thing since i was allowed to get them.
Their names are Beatrice, Evelyn, Genevieve, and Sue. I like to call Beatrice big mama because she is the largest Barred rock i have. She's at least 6 pounds and is significantly larger than all my other 4 pound babies. Evelyn is my other barred rock and is alittle fiesty. My red ameraucana's name is sue, and she's alittle shy but she always comes and lays on my soft towel if i put it out. Genevieve is my outgoing silver and black beauty, she has tons of personality and always loves doing her own things and a nice cuddle with her mom

i hope i have a lot of fun here!

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