May 5, 2019
Hello Everyone We are the Crowley Family fro East Tennessee. We’re here to learn about chicken farming Our oldest son who is the chicken farmer in our family and as it is he works a lot and we are left to take care of his 150 some chickens he loves taking care of them for self sustaining food for his family.His name is Bradon Crowley he has recently been diagnosed with chrones disease his dad my husband Jason also has chrones and disabled from it seeing his dad struggle from it, which we never wanted to be poor but you are living on disability only. Bradon our son-wants to make sure he provides for his family.to provide for as he says “my family is who I do this for so that we hopefully never go hungry!” Thanks The Crowley family


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May 3, 2009
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Please introduce your family in the 'New Member Introductions' located in the Social forum. More folks need to meet you and your family and offer support.

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