New members with 4 HyLine Browns in Carolina


12 Years
Oct 18, 2010
Hello fellow chicken folks

My husband and I have recently obtained 4 hyline brown hens with the objective of having fresh eggs.

We got them through the local extension service and know very little about their beginnings. They are 23 weeks old and we love them already. I have noticed that their lower beaks are longer than their upper beaks. Does anyone know if this is a)a deformity; b) the result of beak trimming; c) something else?

I was hoping the chickens would have been humanely raised but am now a little worried. They now have a lovely coop and large fenced in yard to frolic in.

Thanks for any information and advice.
Beak trimming. Welcome to BYC!!
welcome from sumter s.c. proud owner of 19 milli fleur cochins. 6 speckled sussex, trio buff orp., 25 blr wyandottes, 7 silver laced wyandottes, 1 pr black rosecomb, 1 light sussex pullet, 2 pr. bc maran, 5 yellow gold pheasants, and18 jumbo ring neck pheasants. this thing is addicting with the chicken thing glad i am retired.

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