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Nov 22, 2021
Lancaster, Ca
Dave & Ann with a backyard poultry farm, 35 ducks & 75 chickens in southern Miss. Spent last 4 months making coops with amenities. Had chickens before but first time with ducks. Retired Army so have plenty of time to care for birds and improve coop environment.
All ducks are 2-5 months old and haven't laid any eggs yet. They all get along! Duck breeds & drake-hen ratios include:

Khaki Campbells 2-5
Cayuga 1-7
Welsh Harlequin 1-5
Swedish Black 1-2
Swedish Blue 0-7
Mallard Wild 0-2
Mallard Rouen 2-0

Chickens stay in an 18 x 20 carport with many amenities. Good mix of breeds including Jersey Giants, Brahmas, Columbian Wyandotte, Americauna, Barred Rock, Easter eggers, Golden Buff. All get along but we need to reduce the rooster crowd over the next few weeks.
HI Dave and Ann, so glad your here :welcome You have really put in alot of work in coops for both your flocks - and they'll reward you with egg productions as happy healthy flocks are happy producers.

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