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Jun 17, 2009
Thrall, Texas
Hey everyone....Not only am I a new member but fairly still new at raising chickens....which I have found to be my new LOVE! I love my chickens...They each have their own little personalities. We have 30 + chickens which was actually by accident. We have a lady next door to us we refer to as "The Chicken Lady" that got us interested in Chickens. Well my husband order some chickens....25 of them....Cause he was told most won't make it....They all are alive and thriving....So we have a mix of rhode island reds and barred rocks and few exotics like Phoenix. Well while those were coming to us the "Chicken" lady gave us 5 chickens, 2 bantams and 3 big hens I have to always look up what they are besides big mean hens, but hey I get good eggs from them. So now we are up to 30 and still counting....We decide on a whim we wnat 2 ducks...but the place we went to get them said we have to buy 6 either all ducks or all chickens or a mix. So now we have 4 more chickens and 2 ducks....So yeah I know this isn't good for first timers...but we are learning and learning FAST! I love them all but trying to keep up with their growing phases is the most challenging...So now we have 34 chickens and 2 ducks. We had only set out to have 3 hens....So that is my Chicken story....


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Apr 28, 2009

oh, and I understand, I set out to have only 5 hens at first, and now I have 16 chickens, and 10 eggs in my incubator
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